Lancaster Amplification point to point tube goodness

What is L.A.N.?

The L.A.N. series refers to and embodies the spirit of the J.A.N. tubes of the 1940s-1960s. Those in the know, realize that these J.A.N. (Joint Army Navy) tubes were fantastic, despite being in plain white boxes stamped simply stamped with the tube number. There was no colorful box with a tube playing a bugle, just a truly quality tube that has stood the test of time. The L.A.N. studio series strives to provide the same no-nonsense quality. Instead of spending money on meters, LED lights, and fancy presentation, we have spent all of that money on the parts of the amp sparing no expense. The L.A.N. series has been designed to give you decades of maintenance-free service (aside from tubes of course) and will quickly become your “go to” piece for any session. These new products are advantageous over vintage pieces of equipment due to their low noise and reliability. There is nothing worse than a mystery crackle in the middle of a session.

Every L.A.N. product is wired point to point with top drawer parts including the silver-alloy, teflon insulated wire that is used in submarines, Ora-Cap coupling capacitors, F&T and Sprague Adams filter capacitors, military spec potentiometers, Jensen input and output transformers, military-grade Vishay resistors, Cliff 1/4" jacks, Switchcraft XLR jacks, and military-grade tube sockets. Every L.A.N. product features a unique circuit that incorporates classic ideas from 50s/60s classic studio gear and as well as from hi-fi designs. These products were largely designed and built from studio's requests due as what the engineers were looking for was not available at any price. The result is a line of elite-quality studio gear not seen in decades.