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Phone: (309) 685-0840

Please call between 10:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. Central Standard time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of warranty do Lancaster Amplification and L.A.N. Studio Series products come with?

A: All Lancaster products come with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects and bad solder connections. Although we select parts that will most likely last for decades, we have to go with the manufacturer's warranty which means that all parts (except tubes and speakers) are guaranteed for 3 years (parts and labor). Tubes are under warranty for 90 days and speakers for one year. If your Lancaster develops an issue outside of warranty, we will fix it at a significantly reduced rate. We strive to make you happy and to keep our products in use indefinitely.

Q: What types of payments do you accept?

A: We currently accept checks, cash, money orders, and debit and credit cards via Paypal. We can send you an invoice or take care of your order over the phone. We also accept trades.

Q: You said you accept trades?

A: Yes, we accept trades on new Lancaster products. While cash is preferred, we will work with you if you have musical equipment for trade. The amount given on the trade in obviously varies with what the item is and its condition. Please avoid attempting to trade junk if possible. After you've decided you want a Lancaster product, we'd be glad to work out the details with you.

Q: What types of parts are you using?

A: Although it depends on the model, some of the parts we are using include: Heyboer custom wound transformers, Hammond power transformers and filter chokes, the wiring is typically the silver-alloy, teflon insulated wire that is used in submarines, Ora-Cap coupling capacitors, F&T and Sprague Adams filter capacitors, full-sized pots (military spec), military-grade Vishay resistors, Cliff 1/4" jacks, Switchcraft XLR jacks, and military-grade tube sockets. It is our goal to be finding the best parts available. Dave Lancaster spends hours scouring different obscure catalogs looking for any way to make the amps just the tiniest bit better.

Q: Why does every one of your products have a "gut shot," or showing the internal wiring.

A: We are extremely proud of the manner by which our products are hand-soldered point to point in the United States. We are using great parts and would like you to see that there are no P.C. boards, no I.C. chips, no transistors, no op amps, and generally the best parts currently available at any price. It's not a particularly common practice, but we wish that it would be as it truly shows you what you are buying and where your money is being spent. When you make an investment in a high-end product, meters and fancy faceplates are nice, but the majority of that price should be on the parts on the inside.

Q: How will you ship my amp?

A: We will use any shipping service that you request at any speed that you request it, however, you pay the shipping charge. We pack extremely thoroughly. Also, you can pick your amp up direct from the factory in scenic Peoria, IL at no charge.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Definitely. Although, you know better than we do about what you can import so it is up to you to find out. We also fill out customs forms to the best of our abilities so you are responsible for any importation fees and taxes.