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L.A.N. De-Peaker Tube Limiter

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De-peaker Tube Limiter

Good at limiting, mmm point to poi Hey, I wasn't done.

What it is: This is a point to point limiting amplifier. It is a hybrid of Fairchild, Urei, and Tektronix compressors and limiters. The goal was to make a truly musical leveling amplifier that would remove the peaks from a signal but retain the musicality of the track. Additionally, it is incredibly simple to use, harkening back to the “turn the knob until it sounds good” mentality of the 1950s/60s with one knob to control where the de-peaking begins and one knob for gain.

Applications: As with all L.A.N. series products, we have field-tested the L.A.N. de-peaker in a variety of situations and have literally never been let down by it. Our reason for engineering and building this de-peaker is that we were dissatisfied by the compressors and leveling amplifiers currently on the market. We wanted a classic design that could be ran on anything that would retain musicality and perceptive dynamic range but remove any unwanted peaks. That's what the de-peaker does in a toneful manner. It saves a vocal take if the singer gets over-zealous on mic and works great in tracking or during mix down (certain limiters/compressors do not track well, our de-peaker tracks wonderfully). Aside from vocals (which we now find difficult to track without it), we've used them repeatedly on bass and drums (literally any mic, snare, kick, overheads). Instead of merely squishing like an LA2 might, the de-peaker still allows the track to breathe and unlike the Altecs, it is truly a broadband compressor allowing for an open dynamic range. All this with only two knobs as well!

Tube compliment (per channel): 2 x 6922/6DJ8, 2 x 6ES8

Controls: One knob to control where the de-peaking begins and one to control gain.

Options: The de-peaker comes with transformer-balanced inputs, but for an additional charge, can have balanced outs as well. Also available with a universal voltage transformer.

Price: $1995