1. Mid 1960s Bogen MXM-A Pre-Amplifier: Filter capacitors replaced, Changed reverse XLRs into standard female ends.
  2. Late 1960s Sound City Concord Bass: Completely rebuilt, changed main filter capcitors, added fast diodes in rectifier circuit, installed Jensen Jet speakers.
  3. 1950s Dukane Power Amplifier: Installed Hammond output transformer and rewired the entire circuit ultra-linear, rewired for use with EL34s instead of 6L6s.
  4. Early 1970s Sound City 50 R: Replaced filter capacitors, rebuilt reverb circuit.
  5. Early 1970s Sound City Concord: Replaced stock output transformer with Partridge, added P12N speakers, fast diodes in rectifier circuit, and added filter choke.
  6. Early 1960s Precision Electronics Pre-Amp: Replaced the Tuchel connectors with 1/4" jacks.
  7. Mid 1960s Gretsch Super Bass amplifier by Valco: Replaced filter capacitors in the power supply, swapped out speakers.

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