1. Early 1970s Sound City 50 Plus: Replaced filter capacitors with over-sized values to allow for use with bass guitar.
  2. Mid 1960s Ampeg Gemini II: Installed screen grid resistors to allow mismatched output tubes to be safely run.
  3. Mid 1960s Hilgen Basso: Replaced output transformer.
  4. Mid 1950 Precision Electronics Grommes PA: Resoldered connections, replaced selected capacitors.
  5. Mid 1950s Magnatone Starlet: Replaced speaker, resoldered connections.
  6. Early 1950s DuKane PA: Modded to be Gibson GA-40amplifier (aka: The Chocolate Godzilla). completely re-wired down to the 5879 front-end and added filter choke.
  7. Early 1990s Vox 2x12: Rewired and speakers installed.

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