Lancaster Amplification point to point tube goodness

Total Harmonic Restorer

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Who needs THD when you can have THR?

Good at limiting, mmm point to poi Hey, I wasn't done.

What it is: The Total Harmonic Restorer is a trasnsformer-balanced (Jensens both in and out) provides a broadband restoration of lost frequencies and tonalities. In a transparent manner, it adds pleasing tube harmonics to the entire sonic spectrum. It also provides gain to make up for a weaker signal.

Applications: The THR was largely designed to add tone and complexity to digital situations acting literally as the tubey analog glue to bond together the ones and zeroes of digital recordings. While not in the studio, the THR can also inject energy into a sterile stereo set up especially with a CD player or other digital media source.

Tube compliment : 2 x 6DJ8/6922 1 x 6CA4 (rectifier)

Controls: Left and right channel level control and master gain.

Options: World voltage transformer also available.

Price: $749