Lancaster Amplification point to point tube goodness

Lancavern Tube Reverb Unit

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Lancavern Tube Reverb

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What it is: The Lancavern is an all-tube point to point spring reverb unit that works great for high impedance signals (such as guitar) or line level signals (such as vocals). The Lancavern was designed to be as close as possible to plate reverb without a giant plate reverb unit.

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Applications: On guitar, the Lancavern goes from vintage Fender tones to the deepest surf reverb tones known to man (with its stock Accutronix type 9 three spring tank). At line level, it's great for adding thickness and warmth to vocals (think The Zombies “Odyssey and Oracle”) and it also really excels on snare drums.

Tube compliment : 2 x 12AX7, 1 x EL84/6BQ5, 1 x 5AR4 (rectifier)

Controls: Dwell (Changes the drive on the actual tank and the amount to the tank), Reverb Tone (shifts from dark to shimmery), Pan Control (wet to dry), Gain (Variable level control to attenuate between hi impedence and line level).

Options: World voltage transformer available.

Price: $795